Sunday, January 13, 2008

Solar Overs... An Environmentally friendly way to cook

Some people love to cook. Most people have to cook whether they want to or not. Cooking uses energy and usually causes pollution. Cooking with a solar oven is one way to cook without harming the environment.

Some pros:
* Doesn't use electricity or gas
* Doesn't pollute
* Great for the environment

Some Cons:
* You will likely have to make your own
* Some designs don't work well (research)
* You have to cook when it is daylight

The designs listed in this post are not guaranteed to work. Whether or not they work will depend on how it is made, what it is made from and the design itself. I cannot test all designs.

The No-Tech Solar Oven

A bit more Tech Solar Oven
Solar Food Drier
Solar Cooking Archive

The above are just a few links. Always research for yourself. I suggest using for any searching on the net.