Thursday, January 24, 2008

Do you know where your meat comes from? Graphic but true...

Many people eat meat and never give any thought where it comes from. The ones that do think where it comes from usually thinks it comes from the grocery store. Very few people know the real story.

It is important that people stop eating meat. Why? Watch ALL of the below videos and you will see. If after watching the videos you still think its ok to eat meat, you need some help. For those too chicken to watch the videos, you must not care enough about our environment. If you cared, you would be willing to see what your actions cause. By purchasing meat, you are funding the torture of countless animals. You are giving them a reason to continue. If everyone stopped eating meat, they would find other sources of income, maybe even growing vegetables or fruit instead of killing and torturing defenseless animals.

I know I may be coming on a bit strong but there is no sense in all the brutal torture going on. People don't "need" meat to live. A sensible and well planned out vegetarian diet will provide the nutrition you need including protein.

If the below videos are too small, the links to the full size videos are below each video.

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