Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just a little something about this blog

This post is just a post about what this blog is, what I plan to do with this blog and why you should view this blog regularly.

This blog is an attempt at helping inform the world about all the bad stuff that is going on and to help inform everyone on what they can do to help make things better. This blog will mainly cover environmental aspects but may delve into other areas as well.

Our environment is in crisis. We the people of Earth are the cause. We the people of Earth can be the solution also. If we don't do something soon, we will all perish in our own waste and pollution. Yes our own activities can and will determine if we survive as a race. If we screw up, we will be the ones responsible for the extinction of the human race as well as all the extinctions of all the other inhabitants of Earth.

The above is a bit harsh but it is true and it is time for us to change our habits and do what is right. We are all intelligent people. I blame the corporations for brainwashing us all into consuming and trashing. That is a major reason for all the crap that's going on with our environment.

I will try to add all sorts of informative stuff to this blog. I ask that all readers read everything, tell their friends about this blog, act on what is said here and I ask everyone to do their part. We ALL have a stake in this and we ALL will pay the consequences if we fail.