Monday, January 14, 2008

Large Garbage Patch in Pacific Ocean

Something I don't get is how people can overlook the huge garbage patch in the Pacific ocean. It is killing wildlife and polluting our environment. Nobody is cleaning it up either! I did some research on this topic and found most people think it cannot be cleaned up. I say humans are intelligent and could find a way to clean it up. Yes it would take a lot of money. Yes it would take a lot of time. Yes it would be hard work.

I have a solution (feel free to comment to make corrections or offer suggestions):
* Get a lot of attention to this issue
* Raise a lot of money for the clean up
* Buy and retrofit those large fishing boats that "scoop up" fish (I hate them but they will work for this)
* Use the boats to basically scoop up the trash and when the boat is full, take it to various places set aside for recycling
* Recycle everything that can be recycled
* Keep media attention during entire clean up
* Educate everyone about how to prevent such a disaster from happening again

Problem solved. Yes it's simple. Yes it will take a lot to do, but it is possible. Will anyone help me with this? Most likely not, but I can hope and do what I can to help.

Click here for a link to an informative article about this topic