Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some useful products that are good to buy

I've been doing a lot of thinking and looking and I know a lot of people want to purchase good products that do what they want and also do not harm the environment like most products.

In this post I will be listing various products that you may need that are better alternatives to most products you find at stores. I will try to cover as much as I can. This article WILL be updated as needed to cover more products, correct errors, etc. I highly suggest anyone who has used any of these products to comment on this post explaining the products they used and how well they performed and sort of review the product so other readers can see for themselves.

Below is a list of products that can be made at home along with their uses:
* Window Cleaner: 2 Tablespoons White Vinegar to One quart of water.

* Carpet cleaner (for use in steam cleaners): I have used 1/4 gallon White Vinegar to one gallon HOT water. This solution cleaned up pet urine and stuck on pet poop from a carpet that had been sitting a few days. It also eliminated the smell of urine. It did not harm our carpets or steam cleaner. You could probably take some of this same solution and put in a spray bottle to pre-treat but I didn't find it needed. As always, test in an out of the way area to make sure this solution won't damage your carpet.

* General Purpose Cleaner (works wonders): 50% White Vinegar to 50% water. Test this solution in an out of the way place on any new surface you plan to clean with this. Do not use on stone or anything similar. Take care when using this on wood.

* Wood cleaner: 10% White Vinegar to 90% water. Test in an out of the way place on wood before cleaning it with this solution.

* Wood polish: Solution 1- 50% White Vinegar to 50% Olive oil. Solution 2- 100% Olive oil. Spray on and polish off. A note about this, olive oil can turn rancid in hot conditions. Me personally I like the natural look of unpolished but clean wood. This polish recipe is here for those who want it.

Below is a list of products that can be purchased online:
* Stainless Steel Water Bottles (better than plastic)

* Natural and Alternative Menstrual Products

* Reusable Sanitary Pads (made at home)

* Luna Reusable Sanitary Pads

* Some Hemp Backpacks and bags

* Natural baby care and maternity products

* Static Eliminator Reusable Dryer Sheets

* Hemp Mens and Women Clothing (15% of profits go to Greenpeace)

* Botanic Gold (All purpose cleaner, haven't tried it but heard a lot about it)

* Building for Health (not a product but instead a site full of products)

* EcoBags (lots of Organic reusable bags)

* Eco Friendly Flooring (various Eco Friendly flooring materials)

* Ecover Products (cleaning products. Laundry, Dishwashing Household and Personal care)

* Eco-Terric (green and healthy home furnishings, design services and consultation)

* Natural Mattresses and linens (Goodnight Naturals)

* Orange Guard (Non-Toxic Pest Control)

* Real Green Goods (earth-friendly department store offering the highest standards in eco-friendly products)

More to come as I find them....