Saturday, February 2, 2008

Contest: Who can plant the most trees responsibly

I am starting a contest. Yes similar has been done already but doing this kind of contest over and over will only benefit us all.

Here is the contest, who can plant the most trees responsibly. The rules are pretty simple, plant as many trees as you can, however you must do so in a responsible way. This means plant trees only on property that you have permission to plant on. Also, do not plant trees too closely. Only plant trees native to that area. Try to plant native trees that grow fast.

Once you have planted a tree, post a comment to this post saying so. Post a new comment for each tree you plant unless you plant multiple trees at one time, then only post one comment for those trees and mention how many were planted.

So what will you get if you plant the most trees? Well I can't give you anything as I do not have anything to give, however you will get the satisfaction knowing you are helping everyone.