Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Green Hosting, host your website with renewable energy

Now days, many people are starting to care about their environment and want to do all they can to help make things better. Many will buy reusable bags to hold their groceries, get new hybrid cars or cars that use much less gas, buy renewable energy from their electric provider, compost, eat vegan, etc. However, something most do not think about is the pollution caused by their websites or blogs being hosted.

I've been looking into a "green host" for this blog for a time now. I have found a good line up of hosts that do things to help the environment, however at this time I am short on cash so paid hosting is not something I can afford. When I can afford it I will likely migrate this blog onto the green host.

Anyway, for those who can afford it, here are some green hosts where you can host your website or blog. I have not used any of these and cannot guarantee they are in fact using renewable energy, but they say they do and appear legit. Post comments on your expiriences with these hosts if you use them.

List of Green hosts in no particular order:
More will be added as I find them.