Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Does little things help when it comes to saving the planet?

Many people are trying to help the environment by doing little things. Some will get reusable grocery bags but still drive an SUV. Some with buy organic produce, but still eat fast food. Some will replace their light bulbs with CFL bulbs, but leave their 30in television running 24/7.

Little things help, but it will not save the world people. EVERYONE needs to do A LOT OF BIG THINGS in order to save the world and prevent human extinction.

Think it's hopeless? It is if you don't do something about it. Yea maybe you will not see the world die, but then again you may. In my short life so far I have witnessed a World go from not so bad to horribly polluted. Everywhere you go you see pollution and trash and wastefulness. Up here in the Sierra mountains, just two years ago the air was clean where I'm now located. I remember the whole summer being crisp and clear. This year, the pollution of the cities is here and you can smell it and taste it.

I'm glad gas prices are so high! Why? It will help encourage people to use LESS petroleum based products. This will help the environment. People will use less electricity because of its rising cost. People will get rid of their gas guzzling monsters and get gas sipping or even gas free modes of transport. People will travel less, thus using less fuel. High gas prices may actually be a blessing.

I'm sure by now you are thinking something along the lines of "This guy is nuts, high gas prices is crazy and hurting everyone!" Wrong, high gas prices does eat into peoples budget, but many people can use bicycles, many people can purchase and use scooters or motorcycles. They save gas and in the case of bicycles and walking, they use no gas.

What about food? Grow your own! A lot of food a family consumes can be grown at home. Cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, radishes, turnips and more can be grown at home with minimal space and fairly minimal effort IF you know what you are doing. By all means ONLY use heirloom varieties of vegetables if you grow any. Read up, learn, act. Stop making excuses. Living a green live does not have to cost a lot. In fact if you do it right, you can actually SAVE money in most cases.

Some things you can do to be more green:
* Go Vegan. This will eliminate all animal products and will help get and keep you healthy and prevent the mass murder of millions of animals. If everyone went Vegan, that would go very far in the fight to save the world.

* Change all bulbs in your home that you use more than a minute at a time with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL bulbs). This will save lots of electricity, lower your electric bill and help the environment.

* Opt for green energy from your electric company. It will cost a little more but will seriously help keep a lot of pollution out of our environment.

* Get rid of any vehicle that gets less than 25mpg. Try to get vehicles that get AT LEAST 32mpg. If possible, use a scooter as most get 70+ mpg and can get one person to and from work/school/events with minimal gas. MAKE SURE it is 4-stroke.

* Look into HHO Generator. Go here and get the video and anything else you want.

* Install low flow pressurized toilets. Using these can flush almost any crap your body can produce and use very little water in the process. Use toilet paper made from recycled paper.

* USE HEMP! Use hemp products and encourage the US government to legalize industrial hemp. It has so many uses and is an environmentally friendly crop. Over 25,000 modern day uses, it needs to be legal folks.

* De-clutter. This is hard but is very well worth it. De-clutter your life. Get rid of everything that you do not "need". Live simply. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Eat at home, don't eat take out. Clear out your home of un-needed stuff. I can almost promise your house is cluttered with all sorts of junk and stuff you don't need and a lot of stuff you probably forgot you had. Good rule is, if you forgot you had it, it's a good chance you don't need it. De-cluttering will also help de-clutter your mind and spirit and allow you to perform better in life.

* Garden. Plant trees, plant plants. Encourage ALL businesses to plant stuff in their bare areas on their properties. There is a lot of concrete covered area at every business that could use a little greenery. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. PLANTS ARE NEEDED.

* Recycle, reuse, reduce. Recycle everything that can be recycled. Reuse everything that can be reused. Donate stuff you don't need to people who may need it. Reduce your waste.

* BUY LOCAL. Buying produce grown locally in an organic way is great. It helps the local economy and helps prevent a lot of pollution. Most produce sold in grocery stores come from other countries as far away as Asian and South America! Just imagine all the pollution from transport. Buy local. This goes for clothing and other items. Going to flea markets, night markets and farmers markers should be a common event for you.

* Work local. Work as close to your home as you can. This saves money, gas and pollution.

* Encourage EVERYONE you know TO DO THEIR PART. Remind them that if they do not, they are directly responsible for the murder of hundreds of helpless animals (if they eat meat or meat products). Remind them that they support child labor and contribute to pollution and suffering (if they buy products from countries like China). Remind them that if they don't do their part, they are directly responsible if their planet gets destroyed.


Send this post to everyone you know. Encourage them to follow the guidelines in this post and do more than this post says. Ignite the fire of passion within them that is needed if we have any hope of survival.