Friday, June 13, 2008

The Apple MacBook: Good or No good?

For anyone who doesn't know, I've been looking around for a laptop to replace my aging desktop. I've been looking for a low power laptop that can do everything I need and use as little electricity as possible.

Today I came across The Apple MacBook. It seems to have some really nice specs. I'm pretty sure I could load Ubuntu on it also which would serve the purposes I need. I just wonder how environmentally friendly it is.

Well, it is Energy Star compliant. I guess that would mean it uses very little electricity. It doesn't say exactly how much electricity is used, but does say the battery should last about four and a half hours on a charge during "normal use". That's pretty good compared to my friends laptop that only stays charged about two hours.

Has anyone reading this ever used this particular laptop? My wife used to have an iBook that once loaded with Ubuntu, I fell in love with. It was fast and usable with Ubuntu and was overall great... EXCEPT the iBook she had overheated very quickly and eventually burned out the graphics.

UPDATE: I also just came across the Apple MacBook Pro. It looks nice too. Any opinions?